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3 Photo Posing Tips and 7 Pose Ideas from a Wedding Photographer!

Not all couples have extensive modelling experience, and sometimes it can be hard to know what angles and poses to go for on your big day. Here are my top 5 tips for making sure you look your best in your wedding photos! 1. 'The Kiss', possibly the most nerve-racking photo of the day, the "you may now kiss your new husband/wife" moment. It's hauntingly easy to look like you're eating your partner's face if you go in with an open mouth. My main kiss tip is to only use lips, keep your tongues out of there, and make sure you hold it long enough for the photographer and/or videographer to get some good shots!

2. 'Hands', sometimes these first two tips go hand-in-hand, I've seen many a bride go to put their hands on their partner's face for the big kiss and because of nerves, look like they're squeezing them really hard! My tip for hands during the kiss is to go for the waist and try and keep your hands as relaxed as possible! Try not to spread your fingers too wide too if you want to avoid the "grabbing" look!

3. 'Poses', now most wedding photographers and videographers should have more than enough posing prompts up their sleeves to find ones that look comfortable and natural for you and your partner, but just in case you run out, here are a few of my favourite:

  • The Forehead touch- hug and put your foreheads together, this looks super sweet and intimate

  • Kiss with your teeth - this one almost always ends up getting a laugh out of the couple, and ends up with beautiful photos!

  • Kiss your partner on the forehead

  • Laugh at whoever ___, I usually customise this prompt for each couple, but it's much better to surprise people into a natural laugh then it is to ask them to laugh on the spot!

  • Take your partner's hand an lead them forward, this works particularly well if there's long grass or a scenic road to lead them down

  • Kiss your partner five places that aren't their lips

  • And of course, just kiss!

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